Valeria Li Tang

All About Me

Hi! You just clicked on a page with many surprises! Just a hint about me(like my username says), I love cats and origami! Scroll through the pages to read(and hopefully watch) a few more things about me and hopefully learn interesting stuff! Happy Reading! :)

Just a few things about myself:

    My name is Valeria and I am 11. I guess I'm one of the youngest in 6th grade because I was born on July 9, 2003. Anyway, I LOVE making crafts that don't really work out anyway(it took me 1 hour just to learn an eight-strand braid). I love giving my "successful" crafts to my friends because I like to share happiness.

  Most of my family is located in various parts of China. Here is Bolivia there is my mom and dad, two sisters and me. My grandparents (dad's parents) are in Vancouver, Canada and my mom's sister is in Chile.

    I really like to eat spicy food. Yes. I like to specifically eat spicy Chinese food (yummy noodles:)

I am taking swimming classes now. There is a competition and now I am currently in place 42 (there are about 93 contestants).

    Some of my hobbies are:

-playing piano

-cooking a.k.a. nearly burning the house down  ;)

-Crafting! here is a quick and easy video of how to make a simple craft

  Anyway, something else I like is to read. I would recommend the Inheritance Cycle if you like to read spins and twists.

As you know already,I like too craft stuff. I mostly like to make scrapbook-type things. You can decorate them to look however you want and they are so colorful (which is very 'off ' for me because I normally like dull things) The video up there is actually a scrapbook also!

    I enjoy school most of the time. I like to take Technology, P.E., Life Skills and sometimes Band. Really, I should do my best in every subject to be successful in life. And I hope that you don't have scholionophobia (the fear of school)!

Any way, now that you learned stuff about me, let's go to the good stuff! Hope you have fun!!!

Can't have a username that says origamikitty without origami, right? Here is a  really great origami creation!


...and me!

Me at age 9( didn't know how to smile

Another scrapbook! The video is right here:

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