Top 10 Dunkers  in  NBA History

1. Vince Carter 2. Michael Jordan 3. Julius Erving (Dr. J)  4. Dominique Wilkins 5. Clyde Drexler 6. Tracy McGrady 7. Blake Griffin 8. DeAndre Jordon  9. Shawn Kemp 10. LeBron James.

10. LeBron James. One of the best dunkers in today's game. Is known for his insanely high vertical leap that lets him perform amazing dunks.
9. Shawn Kemp. Known for his thunderous dunks that brought the house down. The first DeAndre Jordan.
8. DeAndre Jordan. He has a history of posterizing defenders with his thunderous slams.
7. Blake Griffin. Also known to posterize defenders and for his ally-oop slams that come down with authority
6. Tracy McGrady. One of the most exciting dunkers known for his self ally-oop off of the backboard.
5. Clyde Drexler. Known for his high flying, long airtime dunks for the Trail Blazers.
4. Dominique Williams. Also known as the "Human Highlight Reel" for his spectacular dunks.
3. Julius Erving (Dr.J). One of the first high flyers to play the game. Had big hair and big hops.
2. Michael Jordan. Known as one of the greatest to ever play the game. One of his greatest dunks was when he dunked from the free throw line
1. Vince Carter. The most electrifying dunker ever. He had crazy hops and had creativity in his dunks. He could posterize you or do a 360