An Issue Affecting Contemporary Society

There are a significant amount of issues regarding contemporary society from the film Super-size Me, directed by Morgan Spurlock. One issue that has been put forward in the documentary is that being obese is practically the norm. A staggering 2.1 billion people are either obese or overweight globally. That’s approximately 30% of the world’s population. Obesity isn't only in America. It is all over the world. First world countries are rapidly growing in obese populations while poverty stricken countries are becoming increasingly going without food.

There is a scene in the Super size Me documentary that shows an obese man walking into a kitchen while Spurlock is eating his McDonald’s (6:28 of the video). Spurlock doesn't move. He doesn't question him. He continues to eat his meal as if nothing is wrong. The scene explains that obese people are not rare but in fact are very common. We see them every day without a second thought which, if you ask me, is quite scary. Contemporary society will becomes increasingly fat and lazy. There is no telling what the next generation will be like if parents now are overweight and lazy.

This issue is affecting contemporary society in a way that will take a very long time to repair. The Fast Food industry is blamed for convincing people from all over the world to come and eat at their restaurants but in reality, it is the people that do not have the common sense or knowledge to turn away from the easy to buy quick meals. People should be educated on the fast food that they are eating. Schools should teach it. TV should have knowledgeable advertisements about fast food. Governments all over the world need to educate their people so at least some knowledge about fast food. If people do not have the education to know what is better, then first world countries will come lazier and fatter. In the future no one will be physically fit to work their jobs. People will get sick. People will a shorter life span. This dilemma will affect generations to come and it will not stop any time soon.

This graph presents the average BMI (Body Mass Index) of only a few countries. A healthy BMI is around 25. As you can see that America is definitely over the healthy BMI. But it won't stop there. It will continue to increase as well as the other countries. Soon enough we all will be over the healthy BMI.

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