Ohio Association of Foodbanks

Poverty has become an epidemic in the United States, and various associations have sprung up across the country to fight for and aid those who live below the poverty line. One of those organizations is the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. They assist 12 Feeding America food banks by providing resources and food to people in need. They ensure that they are providing food that is shelf-stable and nutritional.

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks is fortunate to have fostered partnerships with local Ohio farmers who directly supply the program with fruits, vegetables, and other products. Without these partnerships, Ohio Association would not have an affordable source of healthy foods to provide those in need.

In addition to providing food, Ohio Association of Foodbanks also provides services, programs, and advocates on behalf of those living below the poverty line. They are active politically by pushing for programs that will allow people to purchase and have access to healthier foods at reasonable costs.

Terry Baltes is a local businessman in the Dayton, Ohio area. He is the founder, owner, and current manager of Baltes Commercial Reality, a real estate agency that he opened in 1977. Since then, he has sold over $4 billion worth of real estate property and more hotels than any other person in the entire Midwest. He graduated from the Ohio State University in 1972 with a triple major in finance, marketing, and real estate. He parlayed all three of his majors to create a successful business that thrives off of providing excellent real estate services by using good marketing skills and providing excellent financial advice to their customers.

Terry Baltes feels strongly about the epidemic of poverty seen in the United States looks for opportunities to assist alleviating poverty in Ohio.