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Tech-styles: Are consumers really interested in wearing tech on their sleeves?

  • With experts predicting wearable tech to be the next big thing in consumer electronics, Nielsen asked consumers about the kinds of gadgets they would wear in the new Connected Life Report. Seventy percent of consumers are already aware of “wearables,” and about one in six (15%) of them currently use wearable tech—such as smart watches and fitness bands—in their daily lives.

13 experts dive deep into the future of health [VIDEO] - from PSFK

  • Radical change calls for radical thinking, which is why PSFK is excited to release an in-depth video report, featuring interviews with 13 leading innovators in the fields of medicine and health technology, as part our exploration into the Future Of Health in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim.

Activity levels in mums and children 'directly linked'

  • Improving our health now will affect the next generation. The more active a mother is, the more physically active her child will be, suggests a UK study of 500 mums and four-year-olds. But many mothers' exercise levels fell way below recommended levels, it said.

Global mobile health market to hit $21.5B in 2018

  • The mobile health market is expected to grow to $21.5 billion by 2018 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54.9 percent, according to a new report from BCC Research. The global mobile health market reached $1.5 billion in 2012. The European market is growing the fastest and will surpass the current global market leader, North America, by 2018.

A look at the 65 best health & fitness apps of 2014 - Curated by Greatist

  • Your health is in your hands. Seriously, it’s right there—or it can be, in the form of flashy little apps downloaded to your smartphone. But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to know which apps actually enable results. So at a time when storage space is precious and your health even more so, we’ve hand-selected the 65 best health and fitness apps designed to help you create a healthier you.

Fitbit dominates companion apps for fitness trackers.

  • The companion apps for these fitness trackers allow you to view all your fitness data and your friends’ data from essentially anywhere. To find out which companion app was No. 1, we compared the U.S. downloads amounts among a handful of the top companion apps for fitness trackers on the Apple App Store and Google Play.