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Apple introduces HealthKit at WWDC 2014

  • HealthKit is being billed as a unifying force that ties the enormous amount of health-related apps on the App Store together. Part of the goal is to take the load off of developers who will no longer have to build custom tools to transfer, sync and collate health data in a repository.

In-Depth: How patient generated health data is one of healthcare's biggest trends

  • Up until very recently most people have had only one source for the information they could share with their doctors during a visit: How they felt. Observable symptoms, self-reported healthy and unhealthy behaviors, medical conditions or issues that other physicians had diagnosed them with previously — those were among the few types of patient generated data before the advent and wide availability of consumer medical devices.

Top 10 Datasets for Health Hackers

  • We’ve seen glimpses of what big data can do to help provide solutions in healthcare–and we’re excited. Access to patient and cost data is key to actionable and relevant insight, but the healthcare system today doesn’t make this information readily available. Hopefully, we will soon be in a world with established data standards that allow for the frictionless transfer of valuable data across systems and interested stakeholders. But until then, here are our favorite datasets for health hackers.

So far, 16 digital health acquisition in 2014

  • As we head into the halfway point of 2014, it’s already clear that the trend of mobile and digital health acquisitions is up. Just five months into the year, MobiHealthNews has tracked 16 mergers, acquisitions, asset buys and majority stake acquisitions — just one less transaction than we tracked during the whole of 2013.

Zocdoc moves into employee wellness to grow appointment booking business

  • Appointment booking platform ZocDoc launched a premium service that employers can offer their employees, called ZocDoc for Business. This is ZocDoc’s first offering targeted at employers.

Electronic health record use has doubled since 2007

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report this week saying that EHR use among office-based doctors has surged to 78 percent in 2013 from just 35 percent in 2007. The findings come from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, which it sends to thousands of non-federal, office-based physicians.