Water Ecosystems

By Rebecca

Some Facts About Fresh water Ecosystems

1) Fresh water ecosystems are ponds, lakes, steams, and rivers.

2) A pond is a small body of fresh water that is still

3) A Lake is deep and large.

4) Streams and rivers are all ways moving.

5) Streams flow into rivers, and rivers flow into the ocean.

6) Estuaries are water ecosystems that have a mix of Salt water and Fresh water.

Ecosystems are living and non-living things.
  Some facts about salt water ecosystems

1) Salt water ecosystems have the shore, coral reef, open ocean, and deep sea.

2) The shore ecosystem is the part of the ocean that meets the land

3) A coral reef has sea urchin, octopuses, and fish live near or in a coral reef

4) The open ocean is just what the name says the open ocean just far from land

5) The deep sea is the under the open sea just realy deep.

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