Flare-ups of Anti-foreignism

Webb Montgomery and Karis McElroy

In the 1840's and 1850's older Americans known as nativists feared immigrants as they became newcomers in American politics, jobs, and religion, leading to the flare-ups of Anti-foreignism.

A paper entitled the American Patriot, stating the goals and fears of the know-nothings.

The Know-Nothings

In fear of Immigrant Catholicism changing the nativist's Protestantism, old stock Americans formed the Order of the Star Spangled Banner. This order formed in secrecy, later becoming known as The "Know-Nothings", as they would often reply with this when asked about their acts. The Know-Nothings fought for restrictions on immigration, neutralism, and deportation of immigrants. They would write works of fiction on the corruption of their churches and often threatened foreign growth. These threats evolved into acts of mass violence, burning churches and schools. Eventually, these attacks lessened from the Know-Nothings, along with disrespect for the foreigners.

Primary Source

This is the "Know-Nothing" Platform established by American Party's first and only National Convention. It showcases the Nativists fear of immigrant growth and churches, their fight for restrictions on them, and their dedication to American born citizens.

Our AP Questions

1. Old Stock Americans had believed in all of the following except

a. restrictions on immigration

b. Roman Catholicism

c. deportation of alien paupers

d. neutralism

e. Protestantism

2. Nativists feared immigrants would

a. threaten America's native churches

b. take American's jobs

c. outbreed

d. outvote

e. all of these


"Seth Kaller, Inc." The “Know-Nothing” Platform Established at the American Party’s First and Only National Convention. N.p., 2013. Web. 29 Oct. 2013.

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