McCormick Reaper
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Molly M.

What is it?

A McCormick Reaper is a tool used for farming, it is a like harvesting machine driven by horses to cut small crops of grain, which is then transferred into the back of the reaper.

When was it Invented

It was invented in 1831.

What is it's purpose?

The purpose is to harvest crops in a much quicker manner than using a scythe. Harvesting crops went from about 1-3 acres a day to 9-12 acres a day with one invention.  

What are the Positive and Negitive Effects?

A McCormick Reaper cut down on the use of chemical fertilizers harmful to the air by leaving the churned up soil in place then using that soil for other planting of crops. It saved money because the farmer didn’t have to get gas every day. They can also do harm also because the horses don’t feed themselves. The farmers have to pay to feed the horses to pull the reapers

How does it work?

There are 12 pairs of scissor like mechanisms that gather that cut the grain then another set of "scissors" gather the grain and it goes into the back of the reaper.

What is today's version of a McCormick Reaper?

Today's version is a combine. They both get the job done but a combine is a better choice in today's society for the sake of time.

What Impact did the Advance in Technology have on the conflict between the Northern and Southern Part of the United States?

The McCormick Reaper brought the northern and southern parts of the United States  to a decent. It caused fights, the north believed that labor slavery was wrong and they should use McCormick Reapers. But the south liked slavery and wanted to keep their land and use what they had.

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