Canadian  Tourism

Welcome to Canada (:

By: Meghan Lee Zak

The Queen and Prince of the United Nations is Canada's queen and prince also, because the United Kingdom used to own Canada. So know that Canada isn't owned by the United Kingdom, the queen doesn't control or make any decisions for Canada. So they have a Constitution Monarchy which is when a country has a King or Queen but they don't control or make any decisions for the country.

Canada has People called the First Nations that are people who are neither Inuit nor M├ętis. There currently over 630 recognized First Nations governments or bands spread across Canada. Half are provinces to Ontario and British Columbia.

Quebec in Canada wants to be separatist which is when one state/territory wants to come its own independent country. If Quebec did become a separatist, it would be bad because Quebec is responsible for more that half of Canada's aerospace production, half of its information in technology, and 38 percent of its high-tech industry.      

Most people in Canada are bilingual, which mean that they speak 2 different languages. Allot of them speak English and French. Most TV broadcast are available in both languages.

Francophones are French speaking people. The most Francophones are found in Quebec and Ontario.

Canada has natural transportation corridors, or paths that make transpiration easier. Rivers and Coastal waters that makes travel routes, that makes transpiration easier. The St. Lawrence River is travel route that makes transpiration easier.

An Industry refers to any area with economic activity. Canada has a good fishing Industry,  Oil and Gas Extraction, Mining, and Forestry Industry. Much of Canada is forest so that makes the timber Industry important. The Grand Banks, located of the coast of Newfoundland, is one the best places to fish in Canada. Along the St. Lawrence river farmers harvest grains, vegetables, and fruits. Miners can mine iron ore, gold, silver, copper, and other minerals.

Exports are when a country sells goods to another one that doesn't have that resource or is low and needs it. Canada Exports most of its material to China. Canada main exports are wood an paper products, fuel, minerals, aluminum, wheat, and oil.

A prime minster is  a person that runs the executive branch within the legislature. Canada's prime minster is Stephen Harper. He selects or may dismiss member for the Cabinet.

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