Along for the Ride
by Sarah Dessen

The book Along for the Ride ,by Sarah Dessen, is about a girl named Auden. Auden grew up quickly and never had much of a childhood. Her mother was a renowned college professor and her father an up and coming novelist. Her brother, Hollis, occupied all her parents attention and so Auden took on lots of responsibilities. When her parents started fighting Auden started staying up at night and sleeping during the day. Later, Auden decides to go stay with her father and his new wife for the summer in their beach side home. TH summer hold many adventures for Auden, including a "quest" to relive all the childhood memories she missed out on.  

I would give this book three stars.

I thought this was an okay book. It was a little cliché and predictable. It easy to read and a little entertaining at times, but it was still a cheesy romantic novel.

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