The Tang Dynasty

Started in the mid 5th century AD after the Sui Dynasty and ended a little bit after the 9th century before the Song Dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty Information

The Tang Dynasty was located inside along the coastline where modern day China is today. Emperor Gaozu was the first ruler of the Tang Dynasty.

China had a major impact on Japan and Korea, but during the Tang Dynasty was where they had the greatest influence. They showed them two belief systems, Buddhism and Confucianism.  Also, they showed them a writing system and a respect for nature.

The silk road played an important role to the dynasty. As shown in the picture above, it went from China around the Taklamakan Desert to the western world. This trade route helped the dynasty expand westward and trade. It also connected China with the western cultures of the Muslim and Byzantine Empires.

The Tang Dynasty had many contributions to our society. One of them was gunpowder. Gunpowder was kind of made accidentally. The people, or person, who created it was trying to find a way to become immortal. Gunpowder's main use was for fireworks and celebrations than for firearms. Another contribution was the compass. The compass was originally supposed to be a way to predict the future by spinning the spoon and whatever it landed on was your fate. The people started realizing, however, that the spoon landed in one direction in one spot more than the others. The other contributions are porcelain, the mechanical clock run by water, the spinning wheel, and block printing.

The Tang Dynasty ended for a few reasons. One reason is that rebel troops killed a countless number of people, including members of the royal family. Another reason is that the central government began feuding, causing the dynasty to split into ten separate kingdoms.

Even though the dynasty fell, its contributions live on and we still use them today.

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