Raven College Carrer Day

Ms Edwards

1: Cosmetology

2: Answering phone calls and doing eyebrows

3: A Cosmetology license

4: You have to be a people person

5: Math, Reading, Public Speaking

6: Doing eybrows


1: What is the title of your career?

2: What is a typical day or task at your career?

3:  What education or training does a person need for this career?

4:   What personal qualities does a person need to do well at this career?

5: What things did you learn in school that helps you most at this career?

6:   What do you enjoy most about your career?

I liked how she described her job and what she does but I dont want to be one. It seems like when your doing eyebrows it dosn't take long to finish. She also said she make money if she has alot of people.

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