Assignment #3 Book Connections

Molly create hope by connecting her language and culture to other people in the community. She teach and show her culture with language to the younger generation to make her elders from the past to continue to the next generation. She teach history to the younger generation of the older generation. She's building up her language from her ancestor to the next generation. She's a proud Native American and a native mother.

                                                               Book Connections

• Molly lost her son and Agnes Adams lost her daughter.

• Molly and Arnold is proud to be Native.

• Molly and Arnold creates hope by doing something to make hope.

• They keep their beliefs.

• Molly and Rowdy's hope is to keep something that was important to them.

• Molly and Arnold speak two languages

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3 years ago

Molly creates hope in her community and the three connections to the book are beliefs, proud, and speak to language

3 years ago

Be more specific in your connections. You have some good ideas in the first part.