Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

M. Rivera


Alexander Graham Bell

The invention of the telephone was significant because it helped people communicate from longer distances.  This was helpful so people could talk almost in person instead of writing to each other from farther distances.

Light Bulb-1879

Thomas Edison

The invention of the light bulb was important because it provided an easier way to obtain light in households, offices, or just about anywhere.  The light bulb was safer then a candle because it didn't show an open flame.


Thomas Edison

The invention of the phonograph was significant because it allowed people to listen to their music whenever they wanted in their house or wherever.  It also was a way for music artists to play sell their music and become more popular.  

Electric Generator-1831

Michael Faraday

The invention of the electric generator was important because it made it easier for people to power their materials in a safer way.  With this invention you could power anything in your house, your office, a factory or whatever needed power.


George Eastman

The invention of the camera was important because it made it possible for people to capture a single moment and keep it forever.  This made it easier for people to remember their memories and create new ones.

Gas-Powered Automobile-1893

Frank Duryea

The invention of the automobile was important because it allowed people to get from place to place in less time then walking.  This made life easier for people who needed to go from a place to a place further away.


Wilber and Orville Wright

The invention of the airplane was important because it made a very quick way to get around the country and even travel to other countries.  This made way for the fastest mode of transportation still today.


Christopher Sholes

The invention of the typewriter was important because it made it possible to type letters or documents in a quicker, more efficient way.  This made it possible for people to type books or newspapers in a faster way.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochran

The invention of the dishwasher was important because it  made it a ton simpler to clean dishes instead of washing them by hand.  This invention also made it quicker to wash the dishes, doing it by hand was time consuming.

Periodic Table of Elements-1865

Dmitri Mendeleev

The invention of the periodic table was important because it proved an advancement in American science.  This made way for scientists to create more elements to discover.

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