Persuasive Essay

By Joshua Ramirez

     Good people are the kind of people that do the right things and do what's good for society. There are two types of a person in the world, good or bad. The world needs good people because good people make the world a safer place and they try to make everything right.

    Good people make the world a safer place. People that are good do the right things that are safe and careful while bad people do the things that can cause danger or harm to them self or others. Good people are cautious and do all the safe and positive things, for example, people such as doctors, policemen, soldiers, etc.

    Good people also try to make everything right and better. They try to make everything right and solve problems. They try to make things good and happy among the society while bad people do and say things that bring people down that cause the to do things such as suicide. These good people try to overcome negative situations and make them positive, for example, people such as therapists and psychiatrists.

    Other people might feel that we need bad people in the world to balance out everything. They feel that there should be a balance between good and bad people in the world cause they make us who we are now. They make us work harder and try to make everything better in the world.

    The world needs good people because these good people make the world a safer place and they try to make everything right. Good people do the right thing and safe things and not try to cause any harm or danger. They try to fix problems and work things out and not cause more problems. Society now should try there best to make everyone a good person.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

    I've known Johnny for nine years by attending school with him. He's been a great friend ever since the first grade. I'm qualified to write a reference letter to recommended Johnny for a land surveyor because I've worked with him for quite sometime.

    He has excellent verbal and communication skills, can work independently, and will get the job done. He is the man for the job.

    During his tenure with Chico's Taco's, Johnny was responsible for managing the business and supervising all his employees. These employees, under Johnny's management, we're responsible to make the food, clean the restaurant, and give and receive the right amount of  cash. Johnny effectively scheduled and managed these employees to runs successful restaurant and maintain efficient operations.

    Johnny was always willing to to offer his assistance to the people around him. He was always on top of everything at the restaurant and managed the business really well. He also loves the outdoors and is great with machines. He would be an asset to any employer and I recommend for any endeavor he chooses to follow and pursue, such as a land surveyor.

                     Yours truly,

                    Joshua Ramirez

                    C.E.O of the NFL

Letter of Intent

                                          Ramirez, Joshua Javier

                                           4846 Cedar Park Drive

                                           El Paso, TX, 79938

May 18, 2015

Johnny Silva, Land Surveyor

Gas Pipes

3681 Prairie Rose

El Paso, TX, 79936

Dear Johnny Jr. Silva,

    I bring a lot to the table. I know a lot about animals first of all. I love to study about them and learn new things about them. I'm confident to do anything with animals. I love working outdoors and indoors depending on the animals environment. Animals have been my main focus since I was little; I love them.

    I would like to be a zoologist for a zoo. Studying mammals and caring for them would be fun and interesting. I've worked with them before on a voluntary basis. By feeding and caring for them. I have a masters degree in zoology and animal sciences which would make me perfect for this job/career since I know a whole lot of info about animals.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you give me the opportunity to work with animals.


                    Joshua Ramirez


Joshua Ramirez


4648 Cedar Lake Drive

Objective: My goal as a professional is to earn a lot of money by working harder.


(9 years) (Jane A. Hambric)

(1 year) (El Dorado 9th Grade Academy)

- Received A or AB Honor Roll for every year.

- Commended on multiple STAAR tests.

- Mr. Hambric Hawk

- Graduated from elementary, middle school, and freshman year.


6/7/15-6/10/15.   Baby sitting.    - Watched over my cousin.

6/25/15-7/15/15.    Mowing lawns.    - Cut people's grass.

12/17/14-12/17/14.   Child Crisis Center Helper.   - Helped the center out by helping kids.


- I know a lot about animals.

- I'm really good with numbers.

-  I work well outdoors.

- I am confident about my work ethics.


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