New self-creation

It's been a long time since I wrote the last blog, and to tell you the truth, I miss it. Christmas and New Year passed, and I, as all people in the world decided to change myself to the better. Each year many and many people gave promises to themselves to change their lives, but they failed it. And so did I for more than 10 years. But this year something was different. I turned 18, already an adult, and I decided, that I must get all I want in my life. So, now, what I want to tell you is how I try to reach to my goal, and give some advice, which, I hope, will help you. Lets begin the new project of our lives calling "New self-creation."😇💯

At first, I made a Bucket List 2015. I wrote there everything that I wanted to do for years, but didnt have the courage to do. I think, that beautifully decorated list will raise the pro cent of doing it. And than I just start doing it.✔️

Don't waste your precious time on the Internet. It is our worst enemy. We just sir there for hours doing nothing- watching photos of other people liking and commenting them. When I feel that Internet disturbs me more than ever, I just delete all the Apps from my phone. It is hard, but it works. You take your phone, but you have nothing to do there. And you take it down and do other things. Instead of surfing web-sites, you can spend the same time watching a movie. It is more productive than writing stupid statuses in Twitter. There are many good, funny movies which can rise your mood and just fill you daily life. 🎬

The next step is exercises. Many people want to lose weight, but keep eating everything they see. The others torture themselves with all kind of diets, but it is very harmful, especially for young organisms, which need many vitamins. The only thing you need for getting slim is sense of purpose. There are many kind of exercises, just do them. Once you start exercise, you want to do it again and again. The only important thing here is regularity. Regularity is the key to your success. Even if you are tired,  dont have the mood, or anything else, don't let your ego kill you and your goal. And also for the people who want to lose weight. Drink more water, eat mor fruits and vegetables instead of sweetnesses, and dont lose your chance of waking. With your friends, family members or alone, go walking. Do all the previously mentioned things you will feel the energy inside you. As people say, 'In a healthy body, healthy soul'.💪🏊

Now, finally my  the most lovely one-reading. I cant just imagine my life without reading. It takes me to many different imaginary  worlds, it gives me a huge experience about everything. It is like watching the movie in your head. There are many genres of books-romances, detectives, adventures, etc. You can choose whatever you want. And of course it is better to read the real book, not the electric one. At first, it is harmful for eyes, and it is not the same feeling as when you read the real book, real pages and their smell. I just adore it.📚

And now the last thing-creativity. It lives in every person, you just must know how to use it. Without creativity our lives won't be interesting. Do everything in which there is something artistic-paint, write, do beautiful photos, do something hand-made, or play music. Put artistic and creativity in everything you do, you'll enjoy it amd your soul will be satisfied. You will begin to see only the beautiful things in the world, you will start to admire everything. And your life will be changed. One of my new hobbies is scrapbooking. I paint, write and scrap everything which I like. 🎨🎶📖

And of course you have to think positively, be an optimist. Dont be afraid to try something new, to change your style, to say what you think and to love everything that not all the people love.  Go out with your friends, discover new places, try new dishes, and feel happy. Change your attitude to the world, and it will change for you. Every day is a new chance for you, don't miss it.😉🌈🌼