Byzantine Empire

The second Roman Empire

  The Byzantine Empire was the eastern half of the Roman Empire. It began in 330 AD when Rome fell to the barbarians. It ended in 1453 AD to the fall of Constantinople.

the contributions

When talking about the Byzantine Empire there are three main contributions.

  • Art and Architecture- mosaics were quite popular during the byzantine empire and the architecture style consisted of buildings that used domes, and towers.
  • The preservation of the Greek and Roman culture was very important. If it wasn't for this and the Muslims, who also helped perverse the culture of the Greeks and Romans, the ideas and the technological advances made by them would have been lost when the barbarians took over.
  • Justinian's Code was the set of laws for the Empire. It was based on the Roman set of laws called "The Twelve Tables" it became the bases for laws in many European nations.

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