Deciduous Forest

The deciduous forest is a very pretty place. It has multiple different things that you can learn about, that is what is so interesting about this place. What I am going to start you off with is the temperature day and night in the deciduous forest.

One of the most interesting biomes you can do research on!


The deciduous forest has a low temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and approximately a high of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Now who wouldn't want to live there, I mean unless you just absolutely want the cold to come? The warm weather is what you want because it just feels so nice with all of the breeze along with warm weather. It is pretty nice to enjoy the awesome weather there is in the deciduous, trust me you should try and check this biome out it is pretty epic


Precipitation is another thing in the deciduous forest. The precipitation there,  I wouldn't think, would be a bad thing knowing the weather there. There is about 30 - 60 inches of rainfall each year, which isn't too bad because of the weather we have in the deciduous forest, but the rainfall itself is quite a bit.

The precipitation is about 60 inches of rainfall per year in the deciduous forest, that's quite a lot don't you think?


There are quite a few plants in the deciduous forest, but I am only going to name about three of them. In the deciduous forest there are ferns. A fern is a plant that is a member of 12,000 species of vascular plants that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds or flowers. They have stem and leaves, and are delicately divided. Moss is another plant, that is something that everyone should know. It is a small flowerless plant that usually grows in dense green clumps or mats in a shady area. It is a plant that could be spotted in the water forming on top of a rock or even out of the water on to the surface, who knows? Last plant for the day is a wildflower, a wildflower is a plant that just sounds so pretty. After doing my research the wildflower is a flower that grows freely without any human intervention. They grow in silence and make the deciduous forest while doing it.

This is an example of a plant that also grows in the deciduous forest. It is the most beautiful flower there and it is left at rest


Now the vegetation here in the deciduous forest probably isn't whole lot but I can guarantee you that you can survive. There are quite a few plants there, so with all of the trees and flowers that grow I think that you will be perfectly fine. In order to find food to survive you can kill animals and eat them. Also, you can eat berries off of plants as another food source!


In the deciduous forest are a lot of animals. But here are just a few to give you a general idea. There are black bears, foxes, brown bears, and cardinals. Any animals, especially those named up above, that live in within this biome must adjust to cold winters and hot summers. Leaves usually fall off in the fall, and that leaves the animals with less protection to hide themselves from predators.

This is an example of an animal that you may find in the deciduous forest. There are plenty more, but this is my favorite, the cardinal


Animals in the deciduous forest feed off of the plants that give them energy. They wonder around and search for other things to eat as well. Also, they hide themselves in the plants or the trees to get away from other animals that will eat them, sooner or later. The wildlife here is something that is so important and the animals deserve to be taking care of. They don't get that very often, they usually have to do it on their own!

5 Interesting Facts

There are multiple fun facts about the deciduous forest, here are a few!

1. The four seasons are easily recognizable and only lasts about 3 months.

2. The temperate deciduous forest gets its name because the temperatures are temperate, meaning they are not extreme.

3. Because there are trees in the forest, the soil is very fertile and rich with nutrients.

4. The temperate deciduous forest is subdivided into 5 zones.

5. Most animals in the biome are camouflage.

Here is a link to a website where I found these fun interesting facts along with a few more:


Short Story of the Deciduous Forest Biome

To sum everything up I am going to tell you a little bit about survival.

Question 1 : How will you get fluids in this biome? In this biome you can always get water from the rainfall, which would take a little bit or you could go to the river and cup your hand to get water as well. I mean unless you can find coconuts in trees then there really isn't really any fluids you can find trying to survive.

Question 2 : How will you survive? If it is in the winter you are going to need to find a cave or build yourself a hut by finding sticks and things like that. If there is enough you can even build yourself a one bedroom cabin, isn't that cool?

Question 3 : What is unique about your biome that is difficult? My biome has camouflaged animals that hide on the grass on the ground. Well if we are searching for food, what if we end up hurting an animal and can't help it. It is difficult trying not to hurt an animal because they are always trying to hide from predators. Another think that is difficult is trying to kill animals for food because they are all so quick.  

3 tips on how to survive in this biome:

1. Make sure you can build your own hut/house in order to live.

2. Make sure you can find/hunt food to survive.

3. Make sure you can get the fluids you need so you don't get dehydrated.

You Can't Forget The Location

The deciduous forest isn't all around the world. You can find them in the United States but mainly in the eastern half. They are located in Canada, Europe, parts of Russia, China, and Japan. If you ever get the chance you should definitely check out the deciduous, it is amazingly beautiful!

This is a map full of different biomes. The deciduous, of course, is my biome, but it is located in a few places on the eastern half.

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