Christmas Cards

A. Banda 12-5-13

I like the colors and the way the background looks.

I like how it includes all the Christmas things.

I like the Santa and the sleigh.

I like how the background looks like it’s worn out.

I like the snow globe look and colors.

I like the old theme color.

I like the border and the ornaments.

I like the designs and the snowflakes.

I like the Christmas tree and the colors.

I like the moon and the sleigh and the snowflakes.

I don’t like that it is too simple and could have added more detail.

I don’t like the font.

I don’t like the colors and has no meaning to it.

I don’t like the colors they used and how they did the ornaments.

I don’t like the grey and it doesn’t get me in the mood of Christmas.

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