Casio Frogman G-Shock Tough Solar Men's Watches: Not for the faint of heart

Those looking for something higher-end than the Casio G-Shock will be happy with the Frogman. If you have heard of Casio’s Master of G line, this is the first one from the range – a watch designed for special uses; in this case, ISO 6425 (with a 200 m Divers rating) certified and also the only one in the entire G-Shock line. Readily recognzable for its asymmetric shape, the watch body is eccentrically attached to its straps.

The first Frogman model (DW-6300) was introduced in 1993, but it didn’t have the newer, four-screw back plate. Instead, it was the older back-plate design, which continued till June 1995, until the 2nd-generation Frogman model showed up. This was the DW-8200 and it’s from this point of time the Frogman strated getting popular with the masses and especially, with the G-Shock colectors. Later, a number of special editions for this model was released, which also took the world of watch collectors by storm.

However, if you want a unique model of the Frogman, go for the MRG series limited edition MRG-1100-2. It’s a metal G-Shock, not resin – to be more precise, it’s titanium. Or. Go for the DW-9900, a model introduced back in April 1999. The only thing that might bother you is its slightly smaller size than the DW-8200, but for regular, daily use, the smaller size comes as a boon.

Following the DW-9900 came the solar-powered GW-200 models (June 2001). Two among these – the Snake Killer (GW-201-6JF) and the Carbon-Fiber Frogman (GW-201NT-1JF), run on the Tough Solar 2422 module. These were succeeded by the Final Frogman (GW-200Z-1JF; Nov 2009), which is still around.

A point to note here is despite the GW designation, they don’t indicate radio-signal synchronization; the first time the technology was made a part of the G-Shock is in the JDM GWF-1000 on September 2009. The 5th generation of the Frogman series, it receives radio signals from six different locations worldwide (Germany, England, USA, China & Japan). These also come ISO-6425 certified with an amazing shock and water resistance. You can also measure your dive time and get tide and moon-phase data, thanks to the new LSI that gives this Automatic mens watches lightning-fast processing speeds. Additionally, they sport the DLC (diamond-like coating) which stops corrosion due to saltwater and other corrosive agents.

However, none of the former models compare to the GWT1030E-9, the 30th Anniverary FROGMAN. An asymmetric design and an offset case with a wider band makes it fir for the toughest of tasks, for you don’t need to bother about it slipping either on skin or on the wetsuit while paddling, bodysurfing and deepwater diving. This too features the Multi-Band 6 Atomic timekeeping technology, so anywhere you stay on the earth, you’ll always have 6 different transmission stations around the world to back you up.