Web 2.0 Tool
August 21, 2013

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Web 2.0 tools involve USER created content, to change students from PASSIVE learners to ACTIVE learners.

Here are some examples of 2.0 tools:

TodaysMeet.com It is a private Twitter like interface without hashtags  #thank goodness

360cities.net - Great for virtual field trips

Padlet.com - virtual sticky note wall, ability to approve posts before they go live, use for student questions, website of the week

freerice.com - vocabulary 10 questions correct, 10 grains of rice donated per the company that is sponsoring.  Leveled. Service Learning with students and families to see how much rice they could donate.

tagxedo.com - turns words, speeches, articles into word clouds, large words are the important words in the article.

e.ggtimer.com - Allows you to use as a visual countdown.

wegivebooks.org -sponsored by Pearson Foundation, read together, interactive to age 10. Does not work well on the IPad.

abcya.com - free online interactives, apps for IPad

studyladder.com - free, will ask for school name, all subjects including art, music theory. Tutorial, PDF, interactive. Student name, passwords given by site.  Can use for individual levels.

m.socrative.com - allows student response with hardware you already have. Original purpose was to replace clickers.  Instant responses and instant visual graph.  50 people per room can use this.  Multiple choice, true false, and short answer.  You make the quiz, email report with names to yourself.  App for IPads  Room number is assigned when you sign up - post in room.

Little birds.com - write stories as a class, or individual stories. Can send link to parents so they can see the complete product. School code is provided.  Common Core Standard Templates

openetherpad.org/p/WebTools - google docs without the google docs.  Document collaboration 3-4 students to work together. Save by date READ ONLY OPTION.

scribble maps.com - Feee tool to draw on maps and share.

nitrotype.com/race - competitive typing keyboard game. Free.  Gives speed, accuracy, progress.

bubble.us.com - mind mapping, brainstorm mapping.  Free.  You may export this to an image.  Will only save three maps.  You can delete and begin again.  While working it saves every few moments in case of the web going down.

goanimate.com -  Allows students to put ideas into their own words.  Current events, reselling a story.  Type in the dialogue 60 second videos.  249.00 for the entire school.  Teachers can use this to intro. A lesson, give rules.

prezis.com - web version of power point.  iPad version available.  Compatible to all computers. Recently updated about a month ago. Not as linear as power point. Easier and everyone is on the same program.  Automatically saves on the web. You can download to desk top without using the web.  Free version is public.

Kidblog.com - can be used to show student improvement and growth for writing for each student.  No email needed, bookmark, pick name, write sentence, monthly.

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