Trauma in child soldiers

There are so many children in Uganda that are child soldiers. Most kids get recruited because they don't go to school so they enter one of the biggest groups for child soldiers called Lord Resistance Army. When they enter the group, most kids are scared because they are not used to the environment of killing people so they will get drugged. By getting drugged, these kids show no feelings so it makes it easier for them to kill people. Child soldiers are known to be very violent when they go to war .The conditions that the children live in are very dangerous , most of them are under the age of eighteen. Some children go to the extreme by killing family members like mothers, fathers, sisters and they also assault neighbors. These children get bad influenced. After the war most children are dead but some of them come back alive. The children who come back alive usually go into tests to see if they have any psychological problems. There was a study performed by a psychiatric hospitalization who took 12 former child soldiers. This study was taken in a rehabilitation school in Uganda. After the study the 12 children were affected with a post-traumatic stress disorder. A team of psychologist from Germany went to Uganda to help these former child soldiers. After having a few therapy classes with the German team, most former children showed positive results, they became less angry and they were more cooperative. Most children who come back to their families find it hard to live in the community because , these former child soldiers are used to violence and when they go back to the community they find it weird because everything is simple and peaceful.

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