Important Milestones By The End of 2 Years


- More aware that they are a separate person

Your baby should now notice it's not like everyone else. It's it own person.


- Demonstrates increasing independence

Your toddler should want to do things on their own. Like use the bathroom, have their own playtime, clean stuff them self.


- Begins make believe play

Your toddler should be pretend playing. You can get them a kitchen play set, or something simple like a baby doll.


-Uses simple phrases

Your toddler should be using simple sentences. "I need to potty" "I want candy"


- Walks alone

Your toddler should be walking without support.

Hand and Finger Skills

-Builds towers with few blocks

Your toddler should be able to build simple towers with 2 or 4 blocks.

Justine Cisneros

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