Dr J S Rajkumar-Anterior resection Operator

My elder sister is working in multinational company having two kids. After having two kids, she develops large stomach but she ignored. With time her diet started decreasing, so she consulted her family doctor. Her doctor prescribed her normal anti biotic, her diet increases with the intake of that medicine. But after leaving medicines, her diet did not increase. This thing continues for 6 months, and then she decided to take second opinion. The second doctor prescribed her routine test. The test indicates the presence of rectal cancer. The presence of cancer making her eat less and making her to gain more weight. When she heard about Dr J S Rajkumar expertise in surgeries, she immediately went to her. Dr J S Rajkumar explained the surgery verbally and convinces her to have it because it is mandatory. Dr J S Rajkumar conducted tests in addition to earlier test. After studying the reports, he conducted the anterior resection surgery. My sister is really thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar for his treatment.