Scenario #1

My definition of bullying is...... Someone calling other people names knocking their stuff down and not helping pick it up or say "I'm sorry".

If someone did this to me, I would respond by...... I will go tell the Teacher or a leader in our school or Environment.

The reason I chose to respond this way is because....... If you would say something back they could beat you up and hurt you really bad

If I ever found out that someone was being bullied I would...... Admittedly go tell an Adult about the situation or STAND UP for that person


If me and my friend witness bullying and didn't do anything about it this sends a message to the bully saying its okay to keep bullying other students. We could go tell an adult or stand up for that person to be  socially responsible in this situation.If me and my friend chose to stand up up for this classmate it would show otherm people to stand up to other bullys or to show bullys that we are not having that in our school. The message that is communicated to the bullies is that is not right to bully