Vocabulary Squares

Sam Page


made of clear, brilliant glass

If you look at sugar under a microscope, you can see why they are called sugar crystals.


tough and strong

His father was a tall man, with long, sinewy arms.


strong and muscular

A brawny man came out and helped me move the heavy box.



We need a new parson for our church because he died.


Shaped by hammering

I passed a wrought iron fence yesterday while going to the factory.


upper legs and hips of an animal

The dog sat on it's haunches and sulked.

Vocabulary Questions

1. No, because he is not sitting but running.

2. Yes, because brawny means strong and muscular.

3. A quarterback because there hands need to be strong to throw the ball.

4. Yes, because crystals are breakable.

5. Yes, because a parson is a minister.

6. Yes, because wrought means shaped by hammering.

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