The 24 Amendment

  By Ian Chambers      #amendment

This is a Tackk is going to tell you what this Amendment is about,why it was proposed, when it was ratified, and what changes happend after this Amedment was passed.

My Amendment is about the 24 Amendment. This Amendment is about Abolition of Poll taxes. This means People who vote for any primary representitives such as the U.S Preident or Vice President or Senate or anything else that is primary in voting cannot be denied or stopped if you failed to pay your taxes or Poll taxes or any other tax.

People Power comes with the 24 Amendment, not just one type of people will vote, it will be more diverse

The events that lead to the passing of this Amendment were, when people were finnaly old enough, they did not have enough money to vote. This made many people angry and say againts this law. Rich people could pay for this, But Poor people who had little money, spent their money on food, and usually did not vote.

So the purpose of this Amendment was so that every one could vote, not just rich people who had the money. So the votes that went in was actually a different majority voting.


On January 23, 1964, the U.S ratified the 24 Amendment stopping Poll taxes for Federal representatives/officers.

After this Amendment was passed changes did occur. Like all Amendments they were passed for a reason. For this Amendment it was passed to stop the poll taxes and le more votes in. So the changes that occured after this law were more diverse votes, not votes just from wealthier people but every one could vote and share their opinion.