Right things for  Hunting

What is the hardest task you ever done?  Mine was really hard to do because you have to  aim for your shot and make sure you have a target so you dont shoot random things and scare away the animal.


I am going to tell you something I love to do and that is Hunting.  I am going to tell you what are the right seasons to hunt, What you need, How to get ready for hunting and saftey so no one gets hurt. If you like to hunt keep on reading.


There are many seasons in hunting but I am only going to tell 3 of them.  #1: White tailed deer, #2: Turkey and #3: Duck season.  White tiled deer are in the winter.  Turkey is in fall. And Duck season is in Spring.

What you need

In hunting you need a few things like a place to hunt and a license so you wont get in trouble.  Make sure there are a lot of animals.  You also need something to get the animals down like a gun or a bow.  You need the right things to wear.

How to get ready

You did to wear camo so you can blind in with the all the trees and leaves.  You also need to wear a mask like your what you are wearing.  It might be cold so that is also good to have.   You not what to wear bright colors too.


If you dont have a place to hunt you need to get one. If you are under 18 you need a grown up with you. You need to know your target so you dont scary away the animals and dont hurt anyone.


Now you know what you need, What are the seasons, How to be safey and How to get ready. Now you wont do any thing worng.


Camo- It blinds in with all of the trees

Camo Mask- It will keep your face warm and it is like like your outfit.

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