Vocabulary Set 2

By Bryson Getz

Execrate (verb)

-Comes from the Latin  root "sacer" meaning "sacred"

- Execrate means to denounce something as vile or evil, to curse, and to destest

-Priests execrate gambling, as the Bible says that it is an evil and ungodly practice, only done by scum and low-lifes, as it leads to the idolization of money.

Witchcraft, although traditional family practice, was execrated by the Church, saying it to be the work of the Devil

Sanctity (noun)

- Comes from the Latin root "sanctus" which means "holy"

- Sanctity means godliness or holiness

- Josh disrupted the sanctity of the church service when he stubbed his toe and let out a plethora of curse words, destroying the divineness of the room.

The quietness and closeness to nature created sanctity at the Buddhist temple as people could the gods in a place free of evil.

Hierarchy (noun)

-Comes from the Greek root "hieros" meaning "holy," "sacred or "supernatural"

- Hierarchy means a group organized by rank

- Josh set up his cult as a hierarchy, with high-ranking officers ruling over  supervisors who were then in charge of the rest of the lay people.

The military uses a hierarchical system to create a structure where everyone is given someone higher ranked in charge of them.

Pittance (noun)

- Comes from Latin roots "pio," "piare," "piavi," and "platum" which mean "to appease," and "to purify (with sacred rites)

- Pittance means a meager portion of anything, especially an allowance or salary

- In the concentration camps during WWII, Jews were only given a pittance of bread and soup for their labor, which was barely enough to keep them alive.

Josh was given only a handful of change, a pittance, for all the work he did, so he felt cheated.

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