Red Oak or White Oak - The Better of the Two

No one can deny the myriad benefits associated with oak wood flooring. When it comes to choices, one can select between red and white variety among others. Being an extremely practical material there are many takers of this kind of floor option. What's more is that it is extremely affordable and you can find any kind of stain that you want to match your interiors with. In general, when it comes to taking your pick between red and white, usually the kind of look you want for the room will inspire your purchase decision. Prices associated with both of these are almost similar so you won't find any pointers in this regard.

Difference in the related expenses is dependent upon,

• Timeframe
• Brand
• Width
• Grade of hardwood

In case some kind of oak flooring is already present in your home, naturally you want something that matches it perfectly; otherwise it will appear completely out of place, which you do not want. Those who want some differences after all many find the following useful.

A. Color: pinkish tint is the feature of red oak and it is lighter than the white variety. The latter is more yellow, darker, and browner. After staining however the differences between the two will decrease especially when you choose darker shades. With light stains, you will get red undertones with the red oak varieties.

B. Hardness: with, oak hardwood flooring the hardness of white wood is more than that of the red. On Janka scale red has 1290 and the white has 1360 points. However, the number of visible dents in the red variety is less than in white.

C. Graining: presence of graining is stronger in red oak than in white. The latter have a smooth appearance. With strong graining, it is easy to hide the dents and scratches.

D. Compatibility: for various transitions like stair treads, saddles, and banisters, red oak varieties are common.

E. Water resistance: resistance of white oak is more than red variety because it contains impervious wood grains. Therefore, when it comes to building of boats people use white wood. So for flooring with more chances of outdoor exposure this is always a better option than red.

F. Associated prices: price difference as mentioned before is not much between the two varieties. Remember unfinished hardwood signifies commodity item and as such weekly fluctuations in prices is visible. Sometimes, red oak may prove to be more expensive of the two and vice versa. Grade and the width of the wood are more important as they determine how much the material will cost. Still, it never stays the same and changes constantly. So when purchasing it is a good idea to study the market trends and make decisions.

Finally, if you're still confused regarding what kind of flooring to choose for your house or commercial space do not waste time in calling professional help. Whether red oak flooring works for you or white, allow experts at make it on your behalf. Visit them to know more.

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