American Cities

by Randy Whittemire

1. Athens in Greece was named after Athena, god of wisdom and warfare.

2. Athens became the parish seat of Claiborne Parish in 1846

3. In 1848 fire destroyed the courthouse and all the records in it.

Athens, Louisiana

1. The total population of Athens is 248

2. The total households are 107 in the city

3. In the Athens school district, there are about 199 students and 16 teachers.

Athens, Texas

1. Settlers coming from Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to arrive in North Texas and build there cabins. More in Louisiana though.

2. Athens gas field is throughout the south but is not completely developed

3. There are only three churches in Athens, Texas

Athens Georgia

1. Athens, Georgia is built on the highest hill in Louisiana..415 feet altitude

2. Townspeople in 1890 were mostly long-time residents of old athens, two and a half miles away from the new athens.

Alexandria, Louisiana

1. It lies on the south bank of the red river.

2. The city ranks third in film and television nationwide.

Troy Kansas

1. Troy was platted in 1855.

2. It was named after the ancient city of Troy.

3. Troy was established in March, 1857

Troy New York

1. Troy has went through hard drainage throughout the city.

2. The city has one of the highest ranked schools in the country.

3. It was also the early home of professional baseball

Athens, Maine

1. The town has a total area of 43.61 square miles. 43.60 of it is land. 0.01 is water.

2. There is no police department in the community. But is a volunteer fire department.

3. Also has a private water and sewer facilities.

Troy, Ohio

1. Troy Ohio is one of the cities that has been attacked by flooding many times

2. The city has a total area of 11.94 square miles

3. Troy has public schools and are very good schools in the district. Only one of all the schools in Troy was founded in the 1800's.

Athens, Cali

1. West Athens is served by the Los Angeles United School District

2. It is served by the West Athens Country Sheriff Department

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