6th Period

September 9, 2014

My  Rockin' Summer

!KaylaB's not bummer summer!

The Beginning of my not Bummer !Summer!

Hi,my name is Kayla Burrell and I am going to tell you about my not bummer summer!!! It all started after the roller skating at this place to celebrate that school is over. All the fifth graders were there and I got to say good by to my 'friend' also. Me and my mom were going to hang out at the mall. At the mall we got this really good ice cream. We then went to this store in the mall and returned something of my mom's. After the mall we got my brother from school and went home.

!During My Summer!

I was going to my grandparents house and eating and playing minecraft. On minecraft I got new mods and I am going to get more cool mods. I have been going to my grandparents for a while while after school because my parents have to work. I went to there house a over the summer too. My birthday is during the summer. I was born on July 3, 2003 so I turned 11 years old over the summer. For my birthday I had a pool party because i haven't had one since I was 1 years old. I didn't really go out of town over the summer or a different state. The good thing is that I got to play with my little brother Lance. Me and my brother played with our first cousins Kennedy is my youngest cousin. Isaiha is my oldest cousin. They got a X Box so we play that with them online. I have been watching 'Under the Dome' during the summer with my mom. It comes on every Monday. I love summer, I also met a friend named Briana. We met at a pool party my aunt took me to. My brother and cousin Kennedy also met her because my aunt works with her mom and they are friends. I am really happy I have a new friend.

My Not Bummer Summer is Coming to an End

It is becoming to the end of summer. School is about to start and I am scared because I am going to MIDDLE SCHOOL. My mom tells me everything will be alright. She was right I love middle school and we just had our school dance. That is the end of my NOT bummer summer.