Pat's Coffee Shop!

"Its Love in a cup!"

Pat's Coffee Shop is a up and coming, home grown coffee shop in Fort Mitchell! Come out and join family and friends on November 15th from noon to close for our first ever Fall Coffee Fest! We will be having live music all day, arts and crafts for kids, poetry readings, and much more! O, and don't forget to try out a cup of our delicious on Pat!

"It's love in a cup!"

Pat's Pastries

At Fall Fest on November 15th Pat's Coffee Shop will have a full spread of delicious homemade pastries, all of which are hand made by Pat and his crew! There will be everything form cookies, muffins, pies, and many other traditional sweet sweet treats!

Fall Coffee Fest at Pat's Coffee Shop on November 15th 12:00 - Close! Come and join the FUN!!!

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