A Cell is Like a Sports Team

By: Braydee Chu

The cell membrane is like tryouts, because it controls who goes in and out of the team.

The cytoplasm is like backup people, because they fill the space.

The nucleus is like the head coach, because they control everything.

The mitochondria is like energy drinks, because they release energy to the players.

Endoplasmic reticulum is like the mailing companies, because they mail equipment and uniforms

Ribosomes and Golgi bodies are like the companies who make equipment, because they build and send it.

Lysosomes are like janitors who clean the gym, because they get rid of unwanted things.

Peroxisomes are like scoreboards, because they "absorb" the scores

Flagella are like buses that take you to meets and games, because they move the team.

Centrioles are like the different positions that people play, because they divide them up.

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