Ancient Egypt

Welcome to the time machine. You will take the ride of your life in this thing! You will be amazed of what is going to happen. We can go wherever you want. I suggest the great Ancient Egypt. Its very magical. So what are you waiting for lets go!!

Look! This time machine is very old but it is very popular. Its one of the best ones today!

Map of Ancient Egypt

The Nile River is the giver/ taker of life if you didn't know. This is because there are some positives and some negatives. Some of these good things were that they could get water to drink and use it for bathing. Some bad things are that they didn't know how to swim so if they fell in they probably would survive, and the boats could crash and all their supplies would fall into the water with the parts of the boat. The Mediterranean Sea was a body of water that was North of Africa, which the Nile River emptied into. Canaan was a land that the great Israelites had settled into. They had to stay in the desert too. Another place named Kush, which were a society, was south of Egypt.

The Mysterious Palace

Come and stay at this mysterious place. There is a lot of great things about this place. It is kind of like a museum. There is pictures and statues of the famous Egyptians. In each room there is always something new, whether its the style of the furniture or just the setup of the room. This is just an example of one of the places you can stay at. The Egyptians lived in a village of mud houses that barely had any windows or furniture. The price to stay for 2 nights is about $150.00.      

If you come to this hotel it will be an experience of a life time!

Pyramid Tavern

This a restaurant that has great foods and a great presentation. The tables are shaped like pyramids. The walls are made from the blocks on the pyramid. Its a very cool sight! Did you know that the bread that the Egyptians ate was so hard it caused their teeth to wear away! They drank mostly beer and wine made from barley, and their foods included bread, fruit, vegetables, lamb, and goat.


  • appetizers: whole grain bread- $2.00 , dates- $5.00 , berries- $3.00 , broccoli- $7.00, and corn- $6.00
  • Dinners: Lamb- $20.00 and Goat- $25.00
  • Drinks: beer and wine.
This is the best bread in my opinion!!


Come and take the ride of a lifetime with this amazing camel. They will carry your stuff and bring you to where you would like to go for just $20.00! The Egyptians got around by different kinds of boats. Some of them were called the Early boats, wooden boats, cargo ships, and funeral boats. So what are you waiting for! Lets go!

What to pack

White linen clothes- It is sizzling hot in the desert and these will keep you a little bit cooler.

Sunscreen- You can apply it to your screen so you don't get sunburn

Make up- You can look good when your going places.

Mummy activity

Come and wrap a mummy! Bring your friend and experience how it was like to get wrapped when you died. You will be tested on how fast you do it.  It cost $5.00. It's for kids 8-12. The Egyptian pharaohs or other rich people were mummified because the Egyptians believed that there was an afterlife. If you were poor you would be thrown into a sand pit but eventually you would naturally get mummified. So, lets go have fun.

Wow this looks cool

Pharaoh activity

Its dress like a pharaoh night! Parents can drop their children off and go have dinner at Pyramid Tavern and we will have a contest for who is the best dressed. It only cost $3.00! Its from 3-4. The pharaohs were the most important people in Egypt. Their wives were the 2nd most powerful people. Just drop off your kids and go!

This seems very fun

Religion activity

Make a costume for your favorite god/goddess.We will find who has the best costume. Anyone is welcome and its from 6-7:30. Ra was the sun god and was the most important one.This is because he is the ruler of the gods.Famous temples were built to worship these gods and goddesses. So why don't you join us in dressing like a god/goddess.

This is very cool

Pyramid activity

Come and build your own pyramid just like the Egyptians did! Its 3 to a team and it costs $2.00. Did you know there are over 130 pyramids that have been discovered including the pyramid of Giza. This particular pyramid is oldest and largest of three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis. For over 3000 years, Giza was the tallest man-made structure in the world. So lets go build this pyramid!