Tears and Fear. Ebola is here.

By Giuliana Calia

Picture Provided by Forbes

You see it on the TV. It fills up your Twitter feed. Your concerned Mom is frantically searching up symtons about it. Ebola. At first, this disease seemed distance and did not affect US citizens until it arrived here, our own country had been exposed. To first clear away all the rumors that have been revolving around this crisis, I must inform you of the basics of the disease.  No, it cannot be transferred if a sick patient breaths on you. This disease is transferred from person to person only through bodily fluids. However, most people diagnosed will not survive the sickness. The reason this small virus has effected the lives of millions is the fear is has stuck across America and the world. The minute it was slipped that a US citzen was diagnosed, the country panicked. It was pandemonium as uneducated people began closing their doors and protesting something that could not even controlled. Alan Yuhas wrote in an article for The Guardian about how, "people learn about a virus and suddenly start seeing it everywhere – the fear is simple human psychology." This is without a doubt the biggest event of the year, not because of how many people were physically effected, but rather the fear that shoke the nation once we realized this terrible disease was in our own front yard. In order to help calm the nation President Obama declared, " Patients can beat this disease. And we can beat this disease. But we have to stay vigilant. We have to work together at every level — federal, state and local." The president is right. The only way to fight this disease is by not letting fear control our actions, and focus on intelligently attacking back. The US has faced epidemics similar to this before. Although this event has undoubtedly affected the lives of millions, we can keep pushing forward and fight back.

Picture provided by Doctors Without Borders

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