Living on the Arabian Penisula

By: Abbie DeWitt

I have 10 tips for the Arabian peninsula

1. The desert is very hot and dry.

2. The oases have lots of plant life around them because of the water.

3. The coastal plains is a good place to be because trading is easier because of the water.

4. The mountains can get up to about 12,000 feet high.

5. The Arabian oases temperatures are very different in different places because of the mountains and deserts.

6. The Arabians used camels to get around in the desert.

7. The desert's storms are so big that they might cause flash floods.

8. The oases Are a good place to stay at because there is food and water.

9. The coastal plains are warm and rainy.

10. The mountains are always cold because of how high they are.

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Ten Arabian Peninsula tips