Shang: Bronze weapons

Bronze helped the Shang by having stronger material for weapons because at the time their was only wooden weapons and they were conquering more because of the stronger armies at the time. Today it is used for decorations because technology has advanced over several hundred years.

Zhou: three philosophy confucianism, legalism, Daoism

It advanced china by creating basic rules for the people at the time and how they were expected to behave and today it is used in some country today but not very many. One country that uses one of these today is Korea and they use Legalism

Qin: Standardzation

some countries take on legalist law today like korea and Legalist laws kind of helps keep people in line but still there would be lots of rebellion throughout the community. It also helped by making all the coins the same. He also got rid of many of the written characters made a 9,000 approved characters

Qin: Made the great wall

The great wall advanced china by putting up a barrier against northern attackers and today it is seen to be a landmark and though to be ahead of its time when it was built. It took many years to make and it took many people to make, Today it is also thought to be the biggest grave in the world.

Han: Iron working

It advanced China by giving there military better swords that were longer therefore they won more battles. They also used iron to make better armor that would flex with the warrior using it. They made arrow tips with iron and it is stronger then bronze or the other materials they had. Today we use iron sometimes for decorations and use it to make weapons that have advanced by the discovery of Iron.

Han: Paper

Before paper was invented bamboo and silk were used to write on and they were very hard to use. Paper soaked up ink better then bamboo and silk, it also cost less then the others it also enabled silk to be used for different uses.

Han: Blood circulates from the heart

It advanced doctor edu. so if we didn’t know that then we would probably have many more deaths each year, and it helped make more discoveries of the body over the next couple hundred years of that time period.

Han: Bureaucracy

It helped China by creating social classes and civil servants and they brought the idea of confucianism and less harsh then Qin Shihuangdi, and people liked how the system worked, and with this way the Han dynasty lasted for 400 years.

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