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February 30th, 2092 @ The Future Club

Newtown features five artists demonstrating a vast array of acoustic music styling. Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, Newtown accurately cites their obvious local musical influences. The band is able to journey into a realm of their own while still maintaining the spirit of the legendary bluegrass and “Newgrass” sounds created within the walls of Lexington’s Red Slipper Lounge during the mid 70’s.

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Dan Klammer 3 years ago

I'll be 108 yrs old then. If I'm still kicking, I'll be there. If I die there, that'll be the way I want to go. \m/

Pasto Organizer

Yeah! I'll be there with @shaynabane. We love live #music ... but do you have a time machine or something?

? Billy Nordquist 3 years ago

I really hope I can make it.

Kyle Stalzer 3 years ago

You think I want to hear you guys strangling a bunch of cats, bro?