The purpose of this session is to highlight how classroom teachers are planning student-centered activities and utilizing a variety of resources to engage students in our standards-based curriculum.  These activities can be integrated across multiple content areas and grade levels.  Our professional development sessions, Lunch-N-Learns,  target instructional tools that can be easily implemented into the classroom lesson. When planning these lessons focus is on how the students will utilize these resources to master the learning objective.

When gathering all of the materials you may need for a unit, it is helpful to organize those resources to ensure class time is productive and engaging. Creating a quick resource link is an easy and efficient way to do just that.   Teachers in Bryan ISD are utilizing tools such as Symbaloo and Blendspace to provide students easy access to materials they need to mastery daily learning objectives.

Teachers and students across our district are leveraging the opportunity to utilize student devices in combination with district owned devices to establish an environment where students are creating and managing assignments digitally. Favorite tools include: Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Nearpod.

Formative assessment is an essential piece of the daily classroom lesson.  There are a variety of student response systems available that allow teachers to leverage student owned devices to gather necessary data from mastery checks. These tools afford the teacher with a formative analysis of who understands and where reteach is needed. Students in Bryan ISD students enjoy using their own devices and are actively participating in these lessons.

Keeping teacher talk to a minimum and providing hands on and small group opportunities is a key focus in our classrooms. How can we still share the important information with our students and furnish reteach lessons that meet the students needs?  Many teachers question the loss of checks for understanding when flipping classroom lessons. With new Web 2.0 tools, it is possible to have those checks for understanding embedded within your flipped videos.