#springbreak #Kettner #Tech41

This spring break was a blast my family started our fun family vacation by heading part way to Whitefish Montana and stopping for a night at the Silver Mountain waterpark.

It wasn't easy or short but we eventually ended up in Whitefish.  The drive was about 5 and a half hours considering we stopped along the way.

While we were in Whitefish we shopped at all the shops on main street. But once again we all ended up buying nothing.

Whitefish Mountain

Other than shopping at the shops we did exactly what we would have done in Spokane, lay around the tv and watch Netflix and shoot on our basketball hoop.

Normally when we are in Whitefish we are always having fun at the lake. My favorite part about the lake in the summer is tubing behind the jet-ski and eating lunch on the boat.

This is were we spend most of our time in Montana, right here at home