When His Wife was Diagnosed with Cancer, He Photographed the Entire Battle in Unforgettable Pictures

When photographer Angelo Merindino’s wife Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to document their struggle, and the result is this series of powerful photos. These remarkable photos humanize the battle with cancer in a way that isn’t easy to see, but is worth sharing.

The story of Angelo and Jennifer is not an easy to story to hear. But as Angelo said on his blog, it’s definitely a story worth sharing:

By sharing our story, our love story, something beautiful has begun to grow out of             something so horrible and unfair. If we don’t share our experiences how can we learn, grow and survive?

Since posting their photographic story of their battle with cancer, many women going through the same struggle have come forward to connect with Angelo through his website: mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com

Anyone who knows someone whose life has been affected by cancer can connect to these powerful photos in a deep emotional way.