Moral/intellectual Criticism

By: Monica Jablonski, Tyler Campbell, Madison Byrd

The moral intellectual concept approach is concerned with the content and values of literature.

Not only will the reader discover the meaning of the text, but also they will determine whether works of literature are both true and significant. Also, the approaches will be valuable as long as the readers relate the literature to their own lives.

  • How strongly does the work bring on its ideas?
    • “As long as readers expect literature to be applicable to their own lives.”
    • “The readers should always be left with their own decisions about whether to assimilate the ideas of a work and about whether the ideas and values are personally or morally acceptable.”

          The moral throughout Pride and Prejudice was that love conquers all and the           importance of love, family, and marriage.

         The importance of love:

    • Women couldn’t inherit the home or wealth
    • They had to marry to be “safe”.

    The importance of family:

    • when Lydia ran off with Wickhams the family was very distraught and did not know what to do about it
    • And they had each other in the end.

Family is the only people you can count on to be there for you in the end when things get tough and you are left with nothing.

You can see the strong connection between Elizabeth and her father when she tells him she is in love with Mr.Darcy

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