World Religions: Hinduism, by Liz Yelton

Hinduism started 4,000 years ago.

This is a statue of the god Lakshmi

India  is were Hinduism started.

The people that started it were a wandering tribe called the Aryans.

This is Hindu temple

Hinduism is a very popular religion it is the world's 3rd largest religion . It has about 8 million followers! Most people that believe in Hinduism come from Asia. Hindus believe in many things such as karma, and reincarnation. Most Hindus do not eat beef  or they are vegetarians because they believe that the animals are sacred , and the cow  is a very sacred animal.

Hindus believe in many gods and godeses ,below is a picture of Shiva a commonly worshiped god.

There sacred writing is Vedas. Hindus consider the Vedas to not be of human agency.

Above is the symbol of Hinduism .

Hindus worship in temples.

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