A million years ago a new star began to shine,the star was covered in a huge cloud of dust and gas , and that was called a nebula .

how are nebula's different from our clouds ?

Nebulas are clouds

- our clouds ( earth clouds ) are made of tiny ice crystas and water droplets

- a nebula is made out of particles of gas and dust

          - most of there gas in a nebula is hydrogen , the rest of the gas is helium

birthplace of stars/how are stars born ?

- when the gas and dust inside a nebula bump into one of another ,some of the particles start so come together.

-then over a million of years , the dust and the particles that start to come together ,get bigger and bigger , then they get tighter and tighter , the tighter they get the hotter they become.

-after a million of years the particles that get together , get extremely hot . when the gas gets hot enough , the heat pushes out a nuclear impression (reaction)

-the reaction becomes helium, and the reaction let out huge amounts of energy . And at that moment a new star just created .

The stars inside them are called "newborn stars "

nebula gives birth to stars .

Big and beautiful nebulas/ looking inside a nebula .

- Nebulas are some of the most wonderfull sights. They glow with beautiful in many colors & interesting shapes ,some nebulas glow from the heat of young stars inside them. Some nebulas are dark, and some light up because of the ones around them .

- With powerfull telescopes, astronomers can see thousands of newborn stars inside a nebula.

- When the baby star first shines its still wrapped with the nebula that gave it birth .The dusty cloud blocks the light from shinning from the stars , but astronomers are able to see deep inside the nebulas .

vocabulary words

orion nebula : The stars are formed in orion nebula . The orion nebula is the birthplace of many stars .

cone nebula : its a dark nebula ,it does not give any light

contellation : a constellation is a shape formed by stars in the sky .

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