Australian Identity

Understanding the Australian Culture:

Australian culture is defined as very "laid back, friendly, so much space, warm, we fight for the underdog and we punch above our own weight", although we do still have a long way to go before all of us hold the same values. Australia is very fortunate and wealthy, being a first world Country. We also don't have a 'class system' which is as defined as the U.K. which makes us have the most fantastic freedom!

Typical Australian culture

Individual understanding over the last 5 years:

Our culture is VERY diverse and that's why we are classified as a multicultural country, this has many benefits to our Country. Time also has it's benefits, over the last 5 years our Country has developed a sense of respect and tolerance for culture, particularly indigenous culture, and lastly respect for the planet.We have a lot of potential to work hard to be a good place to live, furthermore i believe that, that potential HAS changed over time with people being more committed to keep our environment a clean, well maintained and safe environment. But time also has its doubts, with some people simply not caring if our Country is defined as a "good place to live" or not, they believe that if they think it's a good place to live, it doesn't matter how it is defined, and this attitude needs to be changed.

Where do we get these idea's about Australian culture?


Although some stereotypes about Australia are true, a portion of them are incorrect. It is hard to talk about the Australian culture and identity in Australia as everyone has their own opinion on what it is expected to be an Australian, resulting in stereotypes that are not necessarily true about our people and our country/environment. The media influences my understanding of cultures and the people of different cultures in our country. Through social media, magazines, newspapers and television most of us have created and built our own understanding and opinions on certain Australian culture, however a vast majority of people's understandings are influenced by other people through this type of media, creating a strong build up of stereotyping.

This picture shows a stereotype which is often misunderstood about Australians. It shows that to be an "Aussie Gentleman" this is the language we must use. Even though people from different states in Australia speak differently.

Stereotype of a typical "Australian Man".

By Taylah Hayes

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2 years ago

I like the video! Some very interesting points and it's nice to see some personal reflection in this.