Global Village Sudan

   We have been learning about Sudan through the current events and research paper. The information has shown that Sudan has had a difficult year with fighting. Here are some of the main issues of Sudan.

Issue 1: Displacement in Sudan

Issue 2: Sudanese Issues With The Janjaweed

Issue 3: Crime
Socrative Quiz

My topic for my socrative is Crime. Crime is a huge problem in Sudan. Crime is one of the most pressing matters, mostly the crime of the Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir. Omar al-Bashir has bombed model villages, killed more than 300,000 people, and has made more than ten times that amount homeless! Sadly, the ICC hasn't done anything to try to stop Omar. Omar and his three closest criminals have committed more than 135 international crimes! Only one is said to be in jail, and the rest roam free.

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Issue 4: Omar Al-Bashir

This political cartoon shows the unfairness of the steel grip that Omar al Bashir has on this African region. And despite his cruel lead, they are shielding him from the ICC arrest warrants. The symbol of Africa does not look like it is shielding Bashir willingly and that Bashir has made him do so. Also the hands of Omar al Bashir are red with the blood of the 400,000 innocent people that have been killed in his genocide.

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