Shopping Guide for People Flying To Dubai

Dubai! The city of the riches. Though standing almost nowhere between the deserts, the city has managed to top the charts to one of the best cities on earth. Dubai can safely be called one of the shopping capitals of the world, owing to the fact that everything is tax-less and several things can be considered as dirt cheap, compared to the prices of them in the rest of the world. From street peddlers to some of the largest and swankiest malls in the world, Dubai has what it takes to wear out even the biggest of shopaholics in the world. And just to make things more interesting, Dubai hosts some of the biggest shopping festivals to woo in tourists and offer them exotic items at amazing prices. Ensuring a million dollar smile on the faces of the tourists, while returning back to their home country Dubai is made a place in all the hearts. So here are some of Dubai’s amazing facts that manage to get it to the top of the cities.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

Held every year, from mid-January to mid-February, Dubai’s longest-running shopping fiesta ‘the Dubai Shopping Festivalsuccessfully manages to draw thousands of bargain hunters and shoppers from all over the globe. Something that people all over the world look forward to attending a month before it begins.

Dubai Summer Surprises:

Held every year during the hot months between June and September, Dubai Summer Surprises is the perfect time to spend your Dubai holidays. Dubai Summer Surprises is an event aimed more towards the local population and the neighboring Emirates. As a windfall, an appreciable number of foreign tourists also arrive, bringing in the much-needed off-season business.

Antiques & Souvenirs:

At the expensive end, one could easily shop for age-old crystals, Pakistani and Arabic swords, sheeshas or even items like pashmina shawls. For inexpensive knick-knacks, you could pick upscaled replicas of BurjKhalifa and Burj Al-Arab, khanjars and old coins—something you would love to take back home as a memory or a souvenir.