Becoming a Neurosurgeon

  • The porous is to help people from UN necessary pain and agony of the patient.
  • They report to the head Director of the Hospital.
  • To become a Neurosurgeon you have to go to medical school for up to 7 years and you can pick to major in a certain subject such as health and science so that you can pass the test to become a neurosurgeon.
  • Brain surgeons, also known as neurosurgeons, examine and diagnose surgical threats that otherwise would kill the patient.
  • the spot they operate and special in is on the Brain, Head, Neck, And Spinal Cord. Every summer i have to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to have brain scan.
  • If you were wondering how much there salary is between $400,000-$700,000, according to
  • you have to know hoe to use slot of different machines to pro form the surgery .   
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This is over 20 images of one person's brain to diagnose a certain problems such as cancer or a concussion.